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Welcome to Fertilplus Partners, LLC
Fertilplus is creating an exciting product to significantly increases the chance of a mare getting in foal.
Fertilplus is a biotechnology company that uses molecular biology and recombinant protein technologies to create an effective ovarian stimulatory product for mares. The name of the product is recombinant equine follicle stimulating hormone (reFSH). The purpose of Fertilplus is to: Produce reFSH that will maximize conception rate, enhance fertility in mares and distribute reFSH throughout the equid breeding industry.

There is a significant need for specialized fertility drugs in the horse breeding industry. Pregnancy rate in mares is only 60% - 80%. Many mares do not get pregnant because of old age, stress, health problems, poor management, hormonal imbalance, nutritional imbalance, reproductive diseases, and poor uterine environment.
Mares ovulate on the average one oocyte (egg) per cycle - decreasing the chances that fertilization will take place. Additionally, a mares's ovaries shut down during the winter or non-breeding season decreasing the window of time she can get pregnant. The uterine environment of mares is also often unhealthily due to bacterial invasion causing mares to abort.

Embryo transfer (ET) is a widely utilized assisted reproductive technique for mares to obtain the following: a) foals from show mares in competition, b) multiple foals from the same mare in a single year, c) foals from mares with non-reproductive health or musculoskeletal problems and d) foals from mares with reproductive problems. Factors that have limited the success of ET are the narrow window of time for breeding (estrus vs. anestrus) and the ability to superovulate the mare.
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